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Starting from 1991 Neuköln GmbH is a part of middle size german family Company group. We deal for 30 years with paper and copper.

Our partners for copper alloys are very deep interested in biometal innovations branch.

   There is a lot of research about antiseptic possibilities of copper thanks for +ionen. It is acknowledged that copper has antibacterial properties against foodborne pathogens such as Salmonella enterica which is the second most frequent cause of foodborne disease.

   In 2019 we already started our line of brass antiseptic door handles, relings and furniture under „Cutürgriff“ Registered Trade Mark. Now we are going ahead and established our own laboratory facilities. Determination of copper +ion in river or seawater and attitude of copper alloy surface in bacterial contact transfer are the main point of interests of our research.


Our new science department:

   Also, we have established a small laboratory for research projects related to copper (Department of Bacterial Research). Our scientists wanted to expand their area of interest, so they decided to organize a separate specialized scientific department, which now performs not only the research of the main company on order, but also other specific orders for clients. In addition, we continue to expand our capabilities and attract other outsourcing laboratories.

We cooperate with leading German and Schweiz Universities to reach better and deeper results.

We deeply hope that our efforts will bring the better future for our children.

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